स्काउट और गाइड  रिपोर्ट 

Session 2012-2013
S.No. Date / Month Activity Date on which event held Progress
1 APRIL, 2012 Registration of names of Cubs/ Bulbuls, Scouts/ Guides, Scout Masters/ Guide Captains and Flock Leader    
2. Bi-Weekly Classes of Cubs/Bulbuls, Scouts/Guides Bi-weekly As per schedule
3. July, 2012 Collection of fee of registered Cubs/Bulbuls, Scout/Guide, Scout masters, Guide captains & flock leader.    
4. Aug, 2012 Testing camp (Pravesh of Cubs/Bulbuls)    
5. Aug, 2012 Investiture ceremony of Cubs/Bulbuls.    
6. Aug, 2012 Testing camp (Pravesh of Scouts/Guides)    
7. Aug, 2012 Investiture ceremony of Scouts/ Guides    
8. Sep, 2012 Teacher's Day Celebration    
9. Nov, 2012 Foundation Day of Scouts/ Guides    
10 Dec, 2012 Dwitya Sopan testing Camp.    
11. Feb,2013 Pratham Sopan Testing Camp    
12. Feb, 2013 Thinking Day Celebration    
13. April,2012 to March,2013 Celebration of other important days:

*All Faith Prayer(30th Jan.)

* International Women Day (8th March)

* World Environment Day (5th June)

* World Forest Day (30th June)

* World Population Day (11th July)

* Sadbhavna Divas (20th August)

*World Literacy Day (8th Sept.)

* International Day  Of peace (16th Sep.)

* International Day of Elderly Persons (1st Oct.)

* Antileprosy Day (2nd Oct.)

* World AIDS Day (1st Dec.)

*Human Rights Day (10th Dec.)

* Youth Day (12th Dec.)